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One of my biggest passions is to create. Simply make something exist out of nothing. To direct. To define. To realize. And writing offered me the chance to play god, as if nothing else could possibly stop or limit me in any way.


This is the page where I collect everything about my most serious attempts of doing something with my writing.

O Outro Lado da Verdade, or The Other Side of the Truth directly translated from Portuguese, was the first novel I finished. It got published back in December 2006, through Papiro Editora, a small portuguese book publisher.


It had a run of just 500 copies and I managed to sell pretty much all of them.


Currently it isn't available in any bookstore, as far as I know. You can contact me if you would like a copy. I still have got a couple of them with me.


Please note that the this book is written in Portuguese.

Memórias d'um Espelho Quebrado, or - in english - Memories of a Broken Mirror is nothing but a revised and slightly altered - for the better - version of the first half of The Other Side of the Truth.

About 7 years after publishing my first novel, I felt the need to rewrite it partially, allowing myself to fix minor mistakes and update the writing with my skills that eventually improved with time and experience.

This "new" book was published online as an ebook in July 2017 (Portuguese version only).

You can buy it on iTunes or

O Espelho da Alma, or Soul's Mirror, was my second novel. I wrote it within a year after I published my first novel, but I never got to publish it.


This is a book I would love to see published one day, but not as it is right now. It is in my plans to work on it again and get it out. I'll just have to find the time to do so...

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