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Troubled Heart - Part 1 (EP)

May 28, 2015

Track 1: lyrics by Marcos Bessa, music by Marc Oliver.

Track 2: lyrics and music by Marc Oliver.

Tracks 3, 4 and 5: lyrics and music by Marcos Bessa.

All tracks produced and mixed by Marc Oliver.


My first EP recorded in a home studio and produced by me and my friend Marc Oliver. It includes 5 tracks, 4 of them with lyrics and music of my responsibility and one especial track offered to me by Marc himself, that I immediately connected with.

You can listen to it - for free! - on my Soundcloud page, here.

First single and videoclip...

At the beginning of April of 2015, I was in Portugal visiting my family and I took the opportunity to shoot a video for my first single of my EP, "Second Best".


The video was shot in a beautiful and haunting location near my birth town and fits perfectly the concept and story of the song.

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