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Stone Wall (single)

May 5th, 2018


01 Stone Wall

Music and lyrics by Marcos Bessa

Arrangement by Christian Wandel

Mixed and mastered by Lowtone Music by FM



One of the most personal songs I have ever written. Stone Wall deals with the pain and frustration of morning the loss of someone dear: my grandfather, from my dad's side, at the same time that echoes the greatness of the man he was. A simple and humble homage to the man that shaped me the most.


I passed by the stone wall,
the one you used to sit on
I still can remember
The last time I saw you there...


The sound of your voice
Has long been silenced
Your holding hand
Does no longer guide me...


Everybody said
You'd always be with me
Everybody said
You'd be right beside me
But nobody knows
Nobody knows
How much I have been missing you


Memories fade
As time goes on and on
Since that last December,
When you said goodbye...


Your laughter was cure
Your stories a lesson
Where have you gone?
I no longer hear you...




Meu avô... [My grandfather...] x4


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