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Reason (album)

June 13th, 2019

01 Prologue *

02 Cure

03 Message #1 *

04 Get to You

05 Message #2 *

06 Can't You See

07 Message #3 *

08 Reason

09 Message #4 *

10 Smoke and Ashes

11 Message #5 *

12 Not the Same

13 Epilogue *

Music and lyrics by Marcos Bessa.

Produced, mixed and mastered by Morten Bytofte.

* Spoken word track.

Here's the "Reason" you'll fall in love with his music!

Drawing from the intense beginning of a relationship that was not supposed to happen, Marcos Bessa uses his bare and honest songwriting to expose love and its hurdles in his first concept album. “Reason” is an emotional journey through indie pop music: light, even if melancholic, suffered yet relatable, with room for hope and a glass of wine.


The 13-track album has 6 original songs, each with its own flavor and perspective, converging into a modern, electro-influenced and soothingly complex sound, grounded by the ever so present guitars, layered percussions, and the many vocal harmonies - some just to be discovered on a second or third hearing. The songs are interleaved with spoken word sections that were inspired by actual text messages exchanged between the protagonists of this story.

Written originally by the piano over the last 3 years, as the relationship flourished, the album also matured. It was finally recorded in Aarhus and produced by Morten Bytofte, who elevated and helped take Marcos’ sound to this newer and promising path.

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