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Out Of This Glass (single)

July 9, 2016

01 Out Of This Glass

Lyrics by Marcos Bessa and Maria Norby

Music by Marcos Bessa, Maria Norby and Morten Bytofte


This song was written by me and a great friend of mine, Maria Norby, after a conversation we had one afternoon about how we were overwhelmed with our problems and everything we had to deal with at the time and still stay positive... Believing that better days would come.


"Out Of This Glass" went through some troubles itself: just when me and Morten Bytofte were about to finish producing the track, we lost all the original files and we didn't have any backups other than a few demos that he sent me for feedback. I was so sad when I found out, that I didn't know if I had the energy to go through the recording and producing process all over again. In the end I took the latest version I had and with a few tweaks it was ready for upload. It wasn't mastered, so it doesn't sound the best it could, but it's here now and I'm happy to finally share this new song with you!

Available on iTunes and Spotify!

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