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Out Of Sight (single)

April 14, 2017


01 Out Of Sight (Hard Version)

Heavier distortion in the main vocals, compared to "Clean Version".


02 Out Of Sight (Clean Version)

Alternative version of the song, with clearer vocals during the verses.



This is a day's work - lyrics, melody, production and mixing... Started with the "buzzing sound" I had in my head the whole week. Turns out it was an A#m...


Every sound was made with my voice and achieved by playing with the EQs in GarageBand. I'm new to this genre and to anything too advanced when it comes to producing music and mixing, but this was fun and I'm somewhat proud of the final result.




One more time I took the blow
I don’t know where I should go
Another day ain’t worth the fight 
The gold is out of sight


So many times I’ve been here before
Can not even count the scars anymore
Should have learned my lesson (the) first time around
Instead, I made the same mistake again




There’s a buzzing sound inside my head
Don’t even know if I’m alive or dead 
Ain’t no easy way to say what is wrong
No sugar-coated version of the facts




There's a buzzing sound inside my head...


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