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There are some products that require a bit more care and love...


Some ideas come together first in my mind, but then I have to assemble them - sometimes literally!


These are products I carefully put together and all my work and time dedicated to them is voluntary. The cost of each item is just enough to cover the materials they use and their production methods, that's it.

No hidden agendas, no profits... Just my design and your support. And together we give more!

All products are subject to stock availability.

STRIO Coin Game

kr. 50.00
In stock
Product Details

Easy, fun, and quick game to keep everyone in the family entertained. The name STRIO comes from the combination of the words "star"+"trio", and the goal of the game is just that: to fish 3 stars out of the coin pool. The first one doing it wins!

Learn more about the game, here.

Duration: 5-15 mins
Players: 2-4
Age: 6+

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