Place all the coins on the table, face down.

Each player collects 3 coins, without flipping them.

The younger player starts.

The game proceeds clockwise.


The first player collecting 3 face-up stars wins the round.


In turns, each player must flip a coin from the center pool.

Every time a coin is flipped from the center pool, one of the following actions must take place, depending on the revealed face:

Return 1 of your face-down

coins to the pool.

Collect 1 face-down

coin from the pool.

Collect 2 face-down

coins from the pool.

Collect the coin and keep it
until the end of the game.

Return all your coins to the

pool, without flipping them.

Invert the direction

of the game.

Nothing happens.

Next player's turn.

Flip all your face-down coins,

one at a time. Keep any stars, but return all other coins to the pool.

The consequent action of either flipping a star or a bomb is also valid when these are flipped from the player's own face-down coins.
If all coins in the pool are turned face-up, these must be flipped over and mixed up to reset the pool.

If there are no coins left in the pool, players must start flipping their own coins.

If a player has no coins and the pool is empty, they skip a turn.

The winner of the round starts the next one.

Version 1.1 - Last updated on July 28th, 2021

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