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 frequently asked questions 

01. What is this project about?

Younamit promotes Solidarity through Creativity. A simple silhouette capable of turning itself into any character is the main decoration of several unique and exclusive items that are sold online or in special events and all the proceeds revert to charity.


02. What is the motivation behind it?

The constant desire - and need - to create drove the author to start this project in which creativity is key. To make a difference, to do something to somehow improve someone’s life is the main motivation for this project.


03. How can it help someone?

The graphics and products designed in the context of the brand Younamit are sold online or in physical events/stores and all the proceeds revert to charity or social awareness institutions.


04. Which causes are supported?

Younamit project has been helping to make wishes come true, supporting “Realizar Um Desejo” - Portuguese affiliate of Make-A-Wish®Internacional. This foundation has the mission of granting wishes to children and young people with severe, progressive, degenerative or cancerous diseases, and give them a moment of joy and hope.


05. What type of products are available?

The selection provided by REDBUBBLE and TEEPUBLIC - hosts of the online stores - is quite broad and includes posters, bags, stickers, mugs, hoodies, t-shirts, among many other items. Occasionally, special products can be made available on this homepage or other special events/stores.


06. How can I help this project?

Other than buying the Younamit products, you can be a Younamit promoter. Share our Facebook page, send an email to your friends, spread the word...! Easy to memorize!


07. Other questions?

Do you have any other questions you didn’t find the answer to in here?

Don't hesitate to ask, here!

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